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Multiple diamonds in one ring

Alliance setting
With an alliance setting, your stones are in a row, but each stone is in a separate setting (chaton). Very special are the alliance settings with different colours of diamond. Another name for an alliance setting is memoire.

Multiple diamonds in one ring
You can imagine that diamonds can be placed in a ring in an infinite number of ways. This is called a fantasy setting. What is meant by that? Actually, they are all beautiful rings with diamonds, without a “label” being put on them. A designer has set to work, the model appeals to you or not. A lot to choose from!

Diamond ring with multiple stones

We can imagine that you are wondering which setting is suitable for your ring. There is so much choice! And yes, there are many more! Actually, we only have one tip: See how the ring looks on your finger. We often notice in our shop that a ring is very different when you wear it. Our customers regularly tell us that they like to be able to fit so many rings with different diamonds. On a picture it can come across as different. It is then difficult to estimate how big the diamond is and how solid the setting is. This is important: you don’t want to lose your precious diamonds. But the most important thing is that every time you look at your hand you think: how beautiful that ring is!

What makes a wedding ring with a black diamond special?
A black diamond in a wedding ring is becoming increasingly popular. Bridal couples are increasingly looking for wedding rings that not everyone wears. A black diamond makes your wedding ring distinctive. The combinations with these diamonds are endless.

The brilliance of a black diamond
Black diamond sparkles very differently from a white diamond. These diamonds have their own beauty. The color can vary from dark gray to black. This dark color gives a special and chic look. Black diamonds in a ring are often combined with white gold, palladium or platinum. The dark colour comes into its own in this combination. Your wedding rings with a black diamond become real eye-catchers.

Black diamond in combination with white diamond
Black diamonds can be beautifully matched with white diamonds. Due to the strong contrast, both gems are shown to their full advantage. The possibilities to put black and white diamonds together in your ring are endless. Everything depends on your personal style and preference.

The different cuts of black diamonds
A black diamond can be cut in different ways. The cut determines the shape of the diamond. Common cuttings are the brilliant, baguette and princess cut. The shape of the diamond also determines the appearance of your ring. A square diamond makes your ring tough, a row of black diamonds elegant. Would you like to know more about the different cuts? Then read the article about the different cuts.

Each wedding ring can contain a black diamond!
Have you seen the most beautiful wedding rings but there is no black diamond in them? For goldsmith Sylvester Andriessen this is no problem. He can put black diamonds in (almost) all wedding rings. You can also choose the shape of the black diamond yourself. This way the rings can be made completely according to your own taste and ideas. Black diamonds are often a lot cheaper than white diamonds. So you don’t have to leave it at that price.

Choose a setting that you like
A black diamond can be placed in a wedding ring in many different ways. What you have to take care of is that the diamond matches your ring. The proportions must be right. Usually we can put the setting you like in the ring of your choice. If you’re wondering what this looks like in real life, come to our shop. We can show you more than 50 different ways to put a black diamond in a wedding ring.

The cut determines how the light is reflected in the diamond. (Cut)
A rough diamond can look so much like an ordinary pebble that most people would just walk past it. Only craftsmen are able to bring out the brilliance of a rough diamond. While nature determines the color and clarity, the shape of the cut depends on the craftsman who splits the stone. A diamond loses on average about 50% of its original weight during the cutting process. The polisher is therefore faced with the task of applying the facets in such a way that the light is optimally reflected from one facet to the other.

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